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Lazarus on openSuse LEAP


I've installed Lazarus using the package manager on openSuse. When I run Lazarus I get the following error.

File: /etc/fppkg.cfg

Error: there is a problem with the Fppkg configuration. (Fppkg reports that the RTL is not installed.)

I try to restore the configuration and the next screen asked for the prefix of the free pascal compiler.     whereis fpc   returns

fpc: /usr/bin/fpc /usr/lib/fpc /usr/lib64/fpc /usr/share/man/man1/fpc.1.gz

but none of these are acceptable input.   

What exactly am I being asked to enter?

Note: If I ignore the error and start the IDE it seems to work properly.



Update:   actually, having used the IDE for a while it does not work properly. Example, I try to create an event handler for an on_click event and it complains the the stdctrls unit is not found.

gmawby, the packages that appear in distros like OpenSUSE are not made by the folks here. Some time after a release here, someone from OpneSUSE will grab the code and build the package as they see it needs to be built. So, people here, unless they have struck the same problem will not generally be able to help you with packaging problems.

I don't use OpenSUSE so really don't know how many changes they make. Debian, for example, make quite a lot of changes and the build process and where things end up is somewhat unrecognizable to the official developers.

I strongly suggest that you use the official FPC/Lazarus packages, there are RPMs available and there will be a lot more help readily available when things go wrong. Carefully remove all the OpenSUSE packages and install from, probably,

Otherwise, if you wish to keep the OpenSUSE, I suggest you read up on fppkg, there should be a man page and it should document how its installed. The same with the RTL, you most definitely need it. Its possible that OpenSUSE break the overall FPC down into individual small packages and you need to install them all. Its a confusing approach but popular with distro package managers.


thanks for the advice, I'll do what you suggest.



I removed lazarus and all the deps, using zypper then installed the 3 rpms.  Also had to install gtk2-devel and make using zypper

Lazarus now works and no config error.

Thank you!




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