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Immutable data types

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--- Quote from: Arioch on October 08, 2022, 04:13:29 pm ---RT11-FB (cooperative two-tasking) could be seen a bit more advanced (*only* in F/B aspect!) than MS-DOS, but not than Concurrent DR-DOS.

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There ain't no such animal. CDOS (formerly CCP/M-86, latterly MDOS) and DR-DOS were completely separate codebases.

--- Quote from: Arioch on October 08, 2022, 04:21:50 pm ---For waht i heard, lineages like AS/400 are not jsut "big iron" with "fail tolerance" - they are reallt build of different primitives.
Granted, i do not have immediate experience, albeit IBM is said to offer free AS/400 remote access today.

For what i heard, AS/400 is more akin to OOP-OS / Capability-based OS, with their executive environment more resembling what we would expect from JVM/.Net runtimes rather than OS.

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AS/400 is more a supermini than anything else, taking over from unit-record equipment and ultimately tabulating machines. Its execution model is pretty much unlike anything else, and it purports to be based on persistent objects rather than files etc.

However, the AS/400 is a /long/ way removed from actual IBM mainframes.

But all of this is /way/ off-topic.



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