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Lazarus 2.2.2 on Linux and Shift-Insert(NumPad)
« on: September 28, 2022, 12:23:28 pm »

there was a time (probably ten years go) when Linux had some different behavior to Windows when dealing with NumPad. I'm particularly was interested in Ctrl/Shift-Insert when Insert is on NumPad (Copy/Paste). In Linuxes I just couldn't manage for this key sequences to work. Interestingly, at the time there was no tweak for this at the system level, but Lazarus 1.* allowed be to set an alternative key sequence for this (alternative sequences as Ctrl/Insert with NUMPAD_0).

Now, the situation looks a little reverse. So there is gnome-tweaks package and the option Additional Layout Options-> Compatiblity Options - > Num Lock on: digits; Shift for arrows. Num Lock off: arrows (as in Windows) probably solves this. At least when I turn it on, in gedit I can copy/paste with numpad insert key. But in Lazarus, only copy (Control-NumPad Insert) works, the paste key sequence (Shift-NumPad Insert) does nothing. Trying to introduce an alterntative sequence for this keys in the Options-Keymapping section (Shift-NUM0) also doesn't help, no visible changes when pressing.

Also observed that Lazarus seems like doesn't care about the tweak setting at all for other NumPad operations, for example, when I press Insert, the mode (insert/overwrite) is toggled regardless of the setting in the gnome-tweaks. The same is for working Control-NumPad Insert operation.

So is it possible for me to make Shift-NumPad Insert work as Paste in Lazarus? I'm not very interested in other editors at the moment so if the gnome-tweaks should go, I'm ok with this :)

The OS is AlmaLinux 9, Lazarus 2.2.2,  installed from rpm, working as a VirtualBox guest in Windows.



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