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Thank you wp again! Of course i cannot promise there are no side effects at all regarding any potential use case. What i can say that i have a heavy usage of listview in virtual mode w. multiselect, have had a bunch of issues in the past, but ending up with your patches from last april for me it does work smooth and reliable. Ii did not encounter side-effects here anymore.

I fear (sorry) i didn't fully understand the meaning of your last question (‘Is it only the commit that you cited above?’).
Not sure where (from which commit)  the InitMultiSelList UpdateMultiSelList etc. at the end came from. At least: i just recompared my "patched" 2.2.2 version against the "main" repository (, win32wscomctrls.pp,, wscomctrls.pp).
They are identical. So for simplyness i'd refer to the "main" repository in this respect.

wp, regarding the InitMultiSelList UpdateMultiSelList etc. mentioned, this one appear to implement them:
(obviously missing in 2.2.4 too):

Besides, after a couple of file comparisons (, win32wscomctrls.pp,, wscomctrls.pp original  2.2.2 vs. original 2.2.4) - for to check if one can do so (i found: yes) - i placed. for test, those files on top of the 2.2.4 (plus two others, only for crossref reasons). After this replacement all works fine again. Same as done with 2.2.2.

Concerning a bunch of previous issues around listview matters those 4 files from "main" are working perfectly for me for half a year, so it would be highly appreciated to know if they will be really published with 2.2.6 rresp. 2.4.

Hi Lazarus Team! Since the last release, this issue hasn't been fixed :-(

Here is the bug in this version. Here the steps: Launch Lazarus IDE, Click Project -> View Project Source, then close project1.lpr page, then again Click Project -> View Project Source, then the source page appears to be blank (no project code inside), and cannot compile a project.


--- Quote from: Handoko ---I confirm what RadDeveloper said is reproducible on Lazarus 2.2.2 Linux GTK2.

But that only happens on new project, so the steps to produce the issue are:
1. Start Lazarus
2. File > New > Project > Application > OK
3. Project > View Project Source
4. Close the project1.lpr tab on the Source Editor
5. Project > View Project Source
--- End quote ---

This description of steps is incomplete. I cannot close a project without either creating a new project or opening an existing one (--> Project wizard). What are you doing when the "Project wizard" shown in the attachment appears?

Win 10 Lazarus >=2.2

--- Quote from: RadDeveloper on October 01, 2022, 04:42:14 am ---
--- Quote from: Handoko ---I confirm what RadDeveloper said is reproducible on Lazarus 2.2.2 Linux GTK2.
4. Close the project1.lpr tab on the Source Editor

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---
I can reproduce.
Step 4 is close tab on Source Editor, not close the project.


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