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--- Quote from: SymbolicFrank on September 27, 2022, 04:17:19 pm ---Ah, in that way. Thanks, I'm going to try try that (very carefully ;) ).

Yes, the GitLab fork is for publishing the pull request, I have cloned it locally.

--- End quote ---

So long as you don't use -f or uppercase -C on git switch, it is all save.

Uncommitted changes need to be stashed.

Anything that is committed is save (as long you do not do: rm -rf .git). git keeps all commits for at least 2 weeks (by default) before it really gets rid of them (e.g. if you delete a local branch).
And in many cases even longer. (something called a reflog) - not going into detail now, until anyone needs it.

Refer to the manuals for git program you have.

Personally i use TortoiseGit on Window and almost enver use the command line

But there are many other git clients, textual and graphic, so see which one is most comfortable to you, and then read sppecific instructions to it.

Branching and merging are at the core of git process, and are described many places.
If you are new to the very concept - i would suggets you to start with general (git-agonstic) **s://

Then after you learn branching and merging, i suggest you learn about cherry-picking specific commits form other branches. Sometimes it is helpful, albeit can also be more problematic, than full-branch merge. Again, learn it in general concepts in Git Book, and after that in specific buttons and windows in user manual for your git program,


--- Quote from: Thaddy on September 27, 2022, 03:55:41 pm ---No not fork. No help required.
Do you have a good reason for it? Better be a good one...

--- End quote ---

Forks are normal when operating with Git repositories as they're required for merge requests ::)


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