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Project takes the whole screen instead of a window

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My project used to open as window and not take the whole screen, now it takes the whole screen and cannot be resized, the only way to close it now is from the Windows status bar by right-clicking close window. Not sure what happened I probably checked some wrong box in the build options..

Any ideas?


Change the WINDOWSTATE property, it's near the bottom.

Set it for wsNormal.

That's my guess

If you didnt understand above, open your Project, select in Object Inspector the main Form, within properties you find like jamie said the WindowState property.

Thanks! took me a while to find the object inspector, I guess F11 is the only way :) anyway I changed as indicated above but still the same-

As you can see the form take the full screen, it actually exceeds the screen so I don't see the top left etc. so can't even click the x at the right corner

This is how the good original form before I re-compiled looked like -


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