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Client side backup with TFBAdmin


is there a way to do a client side backup with FBAdmin like gbak.
The database i want to backup is on an Server, the backup copy should be writen on client's harddisk.


I don't know about TFBAdmin, but IBX's TIBClientSideBackupService component has been able to do this for many years. There is also a corresponding restore component. see IBX/examples/DBAdmin for an example of how to do this.

there is a caveat however

server-local and remote backup/restore have different idea waht is success and what is error

one of them would report success, if backup/restore has ended with error, but the log/data of it was transferred without error

given that .FBK is not guaranteed to be restorable (the reverse side of FB flexibility, providing for shceme change with live data) - it is sugegsted to always do a test restore after backup. So testing for errors in the procss becomes needed.


--- Quote from: tonyw on September 22, 2022, 03:04:14 pm ---IBX's TIBClientSideBackupService component has been able to do this

--- End quote ---
It meets my needs perfectly.

I used IBX with Delphi, but after switching to Lazarus I lost IBX out of my focus. Now I have learned that IBX (for Lazarus) is not only still alive, but also highly sophisticated and still under heavy development.


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