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Can anyone recommend a low-cost, full-featured widget for editing .doc(x) files?

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I have been using TRichMemo with pretty good results, but it only offers RTF as its rich text input/output. It's a great product as far as it goes, but I also need to read and work with .doc and .dox files - .pdf files would be an additional bonus, at least for output, and cross-platform is an absolute must!
Any suggestions eagerly received . . .

OpenOffice / LibreOffice ActiveX control ?



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Hardly so...

Export DOCX - yes. But that is relatively eas, you can code it yourself.
Import DOCX - no.
Export DOC - no
Import DOC - no

At least that is what is said on the promotion page...

Thanks for suggestions to-date, everyone!

The following is copied and pasted from the TRichView Features page:

* TRichView exports DocX, RTF, HTML, Markdown, PDF*, text files, Unicode text files.
TRichView imports DocX, RTF, HTML*, text files, Unicode text files.
TRichView saves and loads** its content in a native format (RVF – RichView Format) and XML (with RichViewXML).
TRichView can use text import and export converters from Microsoft® Office.
In summary, it can't read or write, import or export .doc files and needs third-party converters to export to .pdf files, so unfortunately it doesn't fulfill most of my basic requirements.

Any other suggestions, please?


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