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Inconsistent behaviour when changing TForm.ShowInTaskbar


Action sequence:

* - Create and show a form with one value of ShowInTaskbar
* - Change that value after the fact
* - Optionally - hide the form and show it again, albeit this workaround does not have to be needed
If you start from one value of the property - then after the fact (after a form being shown for the first time) changing value is appropriately changing the visible applicaiton behavior.  If you start from another value - the visible application behavior is not changed, making user think the function was not implemented.

More details in issue tracker, #39883

One can just prohibit changing the property as soon as TForm.HandleAllocated = True, but this might be unneededly restrictive.

Other option would be to patch the LCL sources to make the behaviour consistent.
This, however, requires a choice to be made and documented, WHAT is the goal, what is the "ideal behavior" that implementaiton should strive to implement.

In this linked comment i outlined the existing choices, and also provided a demo-project, that, i believe, simulates possible patching implementations, so you could test and feel it.


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