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CustApp problem

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Something goes wrong with your fpc, because CustApp is in fpcsrc/packages/fcl-base/src/custapp.pp . So it is normal included in a standard installation of fpc.

Are this packages from the mint install-system ? Because the date i more than one year ago.

No, from the Lazarus site. Could that be the bottleneck?

I use fpcupdeluxe for install fpc/lazarus (=from Source) so i have no knowledge with the packages.

But one is definitive - your installation of fpc is corrupted or you have a problem with your Lazarus configuration.

You can test this, if you say Lazarus should compile itself. Menu Tools->Configure "Build Lazarus" use Profile "Normal IDE" Check "Clean all" and Switch after building to automatically and say Build.

This rebuild Lazarus with all known packages. If This works, the installation/configuration of fpc and Lazarus is ok. 

Ok, then I'm going to try fpcupdeluxe.
Thank you so far.



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