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Mouse cursor disappears when writing in a TEdit widget


The mouse cursor disappears when writing in a TEdit/TMemo/TComboBox widget.
When the mouse is moved, the cursor appears again.
How can I disable this behavior?

You are on Windows?
This is a Windows feature (other OS may also have it...)

TEdit is a native Windows control. It's behaviour is mainly set by Windows.

In the Settings of Windows: Mouse Options > Additional Mouse Options > TAB: Pointer Options
"Hide pointer while typing"

You can search the Windows API under MSDN, if there actually is an option to disable this on a per EDIT-control base. I don't know....

I am not aware that the LCL (already) has such a setting (if at all possible)....

I did not know that. It seems that this has always been a thing in windows but somehow I've never noticed it before... That's why I thought it was a Lazarus feature/option that is enable by default. Many input fields in programs (e.g browsers) don't seem to respect this mouse setting.

Browsers often don't use windows widgets. They draw their own user interface.

Interestingly "Windows Explorer" (file explorer) ignores it too.
"Notepad" respects it.

Mind the mouse pointer only disappears if above the app. If it is over an other app, it keeps visible (same with TEdit)

As I said, I don't know what settings are available via the Win api....


--- Quote from: PascalUser69105 on September 14, 2022, 08:33:38 pm ---It seems that this has always been a thing in windows

--- End quote ---

No always, of course. I think it was introduced in Windows 2000, but not sure.


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