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Castle Game Engine 7.0-alpha.2 release


We are proud to announce the Castle Game Engine 7.0-alpha.2 release! After 18 months of intensive development since 7.0-alpha.1, we have a lot of new features that upgrade the engine to a new level :)

* Sprite Sheet editor
* Many new components in the viewport - primitives, text, image, reference
* Font components
* Sound components, ability to design spatial sounds in editor
* Lights components
* Background (gradient, skybox)
* Fog
* New camera and navigation handling - much more natural, camera is a transformation and can have children and be a child of something else
* Components to visualize terrains
* Tested and documented how to use engine with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Jenkins
* Build Debian packages for your project
* Delphi support
* Numerous smaller editor improvements, like double-clicking to open Pascal files at proper file and proper line
* glTF improvements: step interpolation, cameras fix, normal scale handling, ability to pick a subset of glTF
* Inspect your game hierarchy and logs at runtime — just press F8
* Integration with Vampyre Imaging Library
* Android building improvements
* macOS improvements: Cocoa backend in TCastleWindow and more
* A lot of documentation upgrades
This is just a summary of the full release announcement with all the details and plans.

In related news, we will host an open meeting on Discord this Saturday. We'll talk about the new features and plans, and it's an open meeting -- everyone can ask questions and show their work too. You are invited :)

We count on your support via Patreon to fund more engine development.


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