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Is there a limit to the number of packages which can be installed in the IDE?

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I'm converting a D7 application that uses a number of added packages and has been in use since 2004.  After added Indy10 and IBObjects components, I can't seem to add any more packages.  In fact, while I can use the IDE just fine, I can't rebuild (or do a 'clean and rebuild') the IDE. 

The error always varies slightly, but it's like it runs out of memory for the process at some point.  It stops building the IDE while pointing to one file or another as 'not found', even though the file is in the component folder as designed. 

The first time I ran into this issue, I just tried doing 'clean and build', and after a couple of tries the IDE refused to build or even launch.  Ultimately, I downloaded the new version and discovered that as long as I backed out of the component install, then I could continue to use the IDE.  However, I still can't rebuild it. 

I've upgraded to Lazarus 2.2.2, but first ran into the problem on 2.2.0.

Thanks for any pointers you can suggest.

Make sure there are no duplicate filename, FPC/lazarus seem to be sensitive to duplicate (include) files

One of the recently installed packages is giving you headache. To find out which one, uninstall one by one, and after each single action try to rebuild Lazarus. At one point you will succeed, and you will know which package is to blame. Then install other pacakages you need, but best is to add one by one. You get the idea why...

Thank you.   I'll see if I can separate the packages more.  There were a lot of, what lazarus refers to as unneeded dependencies.


--- Quote from: dbpacc on September 13, 2022, 08:55:01 pm ---After added Indy10 and IBObjects components, I can't seem to add any more packages. 

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Are you working with a 32-bit IDE? In this case it is relatively easy to run out of memory, in particular when the IDE is rebuilt. Switch to the 64-bit IDE in this case.


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