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T-edit component for money

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KodeZwerg: I hope that this will make you happy and solve your problem with currencies. (TJLabeledCurrencyEdit)


--- Quote from: Kalevi on September 13, 2022, 01:43:41 pm ---I've made money Edit componetin, but there's a problem with it that you can write characters other than numbers on it.
Here's a file
--- End quote ---

Please either attach the code as a file or use [ code ] tags to avoid the forum software potentially misinterpreting it.

Is now your question how to fix your code or would you use the TJLabeledCurrencyEdit for the request in your post #1?

Maybe TCurrSpinEditEx?


That LazControls TFloatSpinEditE is good if you can remove its spin feature, although you can write more than 2 decimal places there.


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