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T-edit component for money

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it is really not clear what exactly would you need

standard TEdit has NumberOnly propery, AFAIR
TMaskEdit, mentioned above, can provide you with formatting like 012345.00

there is also TCalcEdit in Lazarus standard pallete, MISC tab, probably derived from RxLib

there is also another RxLib continuation, JediVCL, part of it was ported to Lazarus and is available in CCR, i has TJvCalcEdit and TJvValidateEdit

JvValidateEdit has properties CheckChars, DecimalPlaces, DisplayPrefix, DisplaySuffix and others
JvCalcEdit has properties DecimalPlaces, DisplayFormat and others

KControls library has TKNumberEdit -


Thank you for the instructions, I noticed after I had already written it here. I am very grateful for these guidelines and, in particular, for this Roland DecimalNumberEdit1 component.


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