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[SOLVED] My buttons are NOT flat anymore.

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I am not sure if this is the right section of the forum.
After enabling “Include version info in executable” in Project/Project Options.../Project Options/Version info the buttons of my app are not flat anymore. I have disabled “Include version info into executable” but still the buttons are not flat.
These buttons are tBitBtn and tSpeedButton.
The project is in a google drive and it showed some errors in writing some temp files while building the app, so I am not sure if “Include version info into executable” has something to do with the problem or google drive is the guilty one.
Copying the project to the hard drive did not help.
“Clean up and build” did not help.

Hopefully someone can tell me a way to fix the issue.

You probably unchecked the box "Use manifest resource (and enable themes)" in the project options.


--- Quote from: wp on September 13, 2022, 12:36:07 pm ---
You probably unchecked the box "Use manifest resource (and enable themes)" in the project options.

--- End quote ---

It was not me who unchecked it - I have tried the same on another copy of the project (an older version I found somewhere on the disks) and the buttons got changed the same way when I enabled “Include version info in executable” .
But indeed it was unchecked in my project, checking it fixed the issue.

Just checked it on my Laz/main installation: Checking "Include version info in the executable" does not uncheck "Use manifest resource" here...

Did you once click on the "Set compiler options as default" at the bottom left? I found that this can lead to some unintentional side-effects somewhere else. I rememeber that I once was annoyed by having to uncheck the "Win32 gui application" box in "Config and Target" for commandline programs and selected this as default (by the "Set compiler options as default" checkbox). Later I noticed that all my GUI programs now open a console window like the non-GUI programs...

I have converted this app from Delphi source a year or two ago.
Maybe some mess was created there.
I have just opened even an older copy of the source - the buttons look as they should, but "Use manifest resource" is unchecked.

“Set compiler options as default” is disabled there.
It is disabled in the project, that have become damaged, too.


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