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[solved - kind of] Speedbutton - ImageIndex - Image does not show at runtime

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I have a speedbutton. There I can load a glyph inside, - works fine.

To save ressources I would prefer to load it from an imagindex.

My problem: At design-time does the image show up, at runtime it does not.
The "invisible image" takes some pixels at runtime and shifts the text of the speedbutton slightly to the right.

What can I do, that the image of the designtime is there at runtime as well?

are you using AUTOSIZE := True?

Can you show us a screen shot of what it looks like ?

Did you assign an ImageList to the SpeedButton?

I tried to use autosize now: The same result.
Autosize is performed at design-time and at runtime.

The image from the imagelist is only visible at design-time and not at runtime.

Screenshot attached

I don't know what you are doing, but here it is working as it should.


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