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We moved our forum to another machine and another software

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Speed Ok.

Thanks from an Italian User.

I see the new forum is much faster, but I also see it hasn't taken the spammer vermin long to find it. :( Unfortunately SMF doesn't seem to have much in the way of tools to keep the scum out (I speak from experience as I'm a moderator of some boards on another SMF forum.)

I thought I'd need to re-register, but now I see that the old login works OK...

We had our first spammer after 10 mins being public.
I already enabled email registration which resulted in 1 of the 50 bots is coming through.
I increased the captcha level, but I wonder if it will help.

Paul Ishenin:
The only problem is that it is difficult to see what is written there not only for bots but for real people now.

I don't think a captcha helps. I've been told spanners employ humans from India or China or somewhere to register with forums and upload this junk. The other forum I mentioned has a captcha and it gets more spam than real registrations. We switched to manual authorization of new subscribers, but it's a ham radio forum and most people either register with their callsign or their name, or have this in their email address, so it's easy to spot who is genuine. With some of the names people use on here I don't think you could.

To keep spam out of my guestbooks people have to answer a question that only someone with a legitmate interest in the site would know the answer to. But no-one has produced a mod for SMF that provides that sort of functionality - at least, I couldn't find one.


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