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Usefull wikilinks is a menu-header, it cannot have an url.

Getting the source is fixed, I indeed double pasted. The editbox to enter urls is very small, you only see "http://wiki.lazarus.fre", so hard to see if you did it wrong.

Thanks for reporting


--- Quote from: Marc on February 23, 2009, 11:54:23 am ---Usefull wikilinks is a menu-header, it cannot have an url.
--- End quote ---

Ah, on Windows it looked like the menu-items above it (now on Linux with newer FF it is more clear).
The menu-header has a hoover effect of underlining the text, which I (and I guess more) suggested it was in fact a link.
(It is surrounded by anchor (<a>) tags)
Maybe fiddle with the css?, but only if you have too much time on your hand  :)


News: Wellcome back to Lazarus forum

should be

News: Welcome back to Lazarus forum

Thanks, I found where to fix it, but where is is shown ?

See attached image :)


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