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We moved our forum to another machine and another software

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Paul Ishenin:
if you try to register you'll find that currently we asking some questions from child arithmetic.


Thank you for this forum  ;)

Very nice,

Happy christmas to all

Many Many Thanks to everyone who implemented this the move !!  8)

Today is the first time in many months that it is a pleasure for me to browse the forums!
No network timeouts and having to reload all the time - this is a nice Christmas present!

Happy Holidays everyone !


Congratulation, I have uploaded my preferred avatar :)

No offense to anybody, but I don't like this new engine. I preferred the look and feel of the old one, everything was clear to read in that one, this one is always difficult to read.
Also when going to the main lazarus page (when it loads) we select forum, we come here and again we have to select forum, that's not user friendly.
I didn't notice a lot of speed until now.

I only notice loads only after several times i try


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