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We moved our forum to another machine and another software

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Paul Ishenin:
As you can see this forum uses SMF as engine. The old forum was based on phpBB. We hope you will enjoy the new features and speed. Use your old forum account to login.

It's nice and faster, but I miss direct link to bug tracker on the left pane.

This engine is working much faster! (maybe you've also changed the server??).
Anyhow, SMF is a perfect choise, and, IMO, it is the best open-soruce forums engine (in the many-functional engines category, not lighweight ones).


Very Nice...

Just in case I have not said Thank You to those involved in FreePascal and Lazarus...

Thank You

Please ignore me if and when I go off on a rant.


That's great ! Forum is much much faster now
Thank you for all of this and for all people who are giving their time for Lazarus and Freepascal


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