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(Solve by myself) MacOSX on M1 , IME input on Chinese character

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Japanese Romaji IME, it needs more temporary character handling
than Chinese IME on Client side(Application have to show them, if not use EDIT/MEMO)
because of UTF8KeyPress(), it has no those information.
so we need add more function to support this.
procedure InputClientInsertTextLoc(const utf8: string;loc,len:integer);
--> this procedure should fire a UTF8keypress, but with a string directly and postion and length for replacing.

procedure InputClientSetTextMark(const utf8: string;loc,len:integer);
--> due to Romaji, let application to handle the temporary character display.

procedure InputClientGetPos(const utf8: string;var loc,len:integer);
--> let application to provide where the position of IME should display.

they should map to UTF8StringPress, UTF8StringMark, UTF8InputPos.


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