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Designer Does Not See Datamodule

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--- Quote from: mcwbr on September 08, 2022, 06:16:13 pm ---Aha! The problem is you don't want the datamodule's unit in either uses clause, interface or implementation. The dm's instance variable is global.

I removed the reference to the datamodule from the form's uses clause and the problem is solved.

--- End quote ---

Strange. I always put datamodule to uses clause and never had problems with that.

Yes it is, and I have not been able to repeat it. Once I removed the reference to the datamodule, the Object Inspector's drop-down was populated. When I put it back again, it remained populated.

I'd be left with doubting what I saw except that I saw it repeatedly before posting here, restarting the IDE, doing full compiles, with the data module in either uses clause all the while. Then I removed the reference to the dm and all became well, and stayed well after I put it back again.

I don't blame you for wanting to know what I'm smoking.


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