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Fred vS:

--- Quote from: Bi0T1N on September 09, 2022, 02:51:15 pm ---As you can see the CSV export doesn't include all information one might need from an issue. E.g. attachments of users. Better use there API to really fetch everything you need (that's what Michael used to add/convert all the issues from Mantis to Gitlab). If I recall correctly he also published his code for it but right now I could only find the package to access the API:
There are also other alternatives like python-gitlab.

Now that you have all the information you need, go ahead and write a script capable of constantly mirroring the Gitlab issues to a "safe" location. And please set up a website to collect all our private addresses in case your chosen server location might block us - so you can send us a floppy-disk or CD (hopefully not rewritable, as it could then contain a virus or so: [1], [2] ;))

--- End quote ---

Huh, maybe re-install Mantis on a safe place should even be faster-simpler.  :-X

OK, ok,  I'm leaving...


--- Quote from: Fred vS on September 06, 2022, 04:30:32 pm ---Absolutely scandalous ( or ridiculous ) but GitLab does the same:

--- End quote ---

Well, as long as you have servers, those servers should physically exists somewhere, and then they are subject to local laws.

There are trackers, that are hosted inside the code repository: Fossil, and there was some add-on for Git too.
Those can not be censored in any "single point of failure", repository copies can be hosted in several countries and be naturally sycnhronized.

But i suspect this kind of trackers would be not very comfortable to use.

--- Quote from: Fred vS on September 09, 2022, 04:37:32 pm ---By the way, Mantis is still first in the top 10 of best issue tracking tools:

--- End quote ---

I suspect, because it's user interface is so simplistic. And nice-looking too. For non-IT people it is important.

Feature-wise Trac would be better for low-requirements project server, but it looks just ugly, few people want to use it.
Mantis then is cute and is somewhat obvious how to use it.
I once set it in non-IT environment, where people tried to track tasks in MSWord tables and e-mail, and chat, and....
3 months later people were used it mostly without mistakes, and more importantly, they started to LIKE this way of interactions.

I occasionalyl felt confined by Mantis limits, but not often. And non-IT people struggled to learn with the very idea of formalized workflow.
A tool more complex then Mantis would just scare them away.

Mantis somehow really managed to find the soft spot of "as few features as possible, but not less".

...Then one big boss prohibited it and installed Redmine ("because my husband said it is the best tool"). 
Well, yeah, indeed quite a pack. So full of features no one knew what they are and why. And the features of Mantis-scope were hidden deep or made very uncomfortable to use. Information flow went away into Telegram in no time. And the boss enjoyed the tracker was clear, with no "dirt" and "noise", only nice pure reports "task opened"/"task closed", ideal reporting tool.


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