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FPC console executables on Arch have blank output

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So I've been trying to code with FPC on Arch. The compiler and its tools are fine, but when I compile and run so much as a "Hello, world" program, nothing is output to the terminal when executed. I even copy and pasted a Tao Yue code snippet to see if I did something wrong missed by the compiler. That, too, was not output. C code works, Rust code works, but for some reason not FPC. The compiler issues no warnings or errors on it.

(1) Put a concise example in code tags, (2) say exactly how you're compiling and running it, (3) say in the body of your message what version of FPC etc. you're using.

If those are missing we quite simply don't have enough info to help.


You could also try to strace it to see what is happening.

And avoid unit crt for these tests, that is a special case.

To be obsessively clear Laphicet, you are doing this -   ?

What way have you used to install the compiler ? ie, from Arch repos or from means described further up on page linked to above ?


Or AARCH vs ARCH linux?


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