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For a couple of days now, I fairly often get a timeout when attempting to access the forums.

Has anyone else experienced this ?


Not only the forum ...

I think the latest version of Firefox is buggy (v 104.0).
I had a lot of sites, which never stopped loading.

Solution: Reload the page. Sometimes two times is needed.
Or use another browser.


I'm on Firefox, and all works fine. Forum too.

Well, if you keep Firefox (though could be a plugin...) open for one week (or maybe two), then it eventually stops loading anything. So restart it at least once a week.

I'm using Chrome and sometimes it takes as many as three (3) tries before getting the forum page.

Once the forums home page displays, things work as expected until 10, 15 minutes of inactivity later, the problem repeats.

I haven't had that problem with other websites, hence the reason I asked if other people were experiencing that too.

At that specific moment the server was busy, some different spiders were crawling the same time. Some of your requests took at that moment 6s to serve, where normally requests are served within 50ms, sometimes 200ms


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