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My Toy Interpreter


hi, guys

I thought I show you my new app made in Lazarus. This is a small programming language I made it simple to use it looks a little like forth in some ways. this did start as a RPN calculator but developed into what you see now. any way hope you like it comments are welcome also see the examples folder to get started.

I tested ToyInt in Ubuntu Mate, it worked.
Thank you for sharing it.

Well done :-)


I always enjoy seeing interpreters / compilers written in Object Pascal. In my opinion it is very useful for this type of application. After all, fpc itself is a great example. Even the first implementation of Nim language, if I'm not mistaken, was written in Object Pascal (fpc more precisely).

Congratulations for your great work. Just a suggestion, if I'm allowed: a description of your language, even concise and informal, would be useful.


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