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The  component IBX comes with examples.

Some of them I am not able to run, most I could not.
Why? - The database employee is missing.
This database is around, e.g. is it included in firebird or I find it on my HD.
Unfortunately I do not know, how and where I shall put it, that it makes the IBX demos run with it.

Not sure, what and how I have done it, but IBX gave me that information some days ago and I quickly copied it, before I lose it again, may be it helps:

Firebird Library PathName = C:\Firebird_2_5\bin\fbclient.dll
Server Version = WI-V2.5.4.26856 Firebird 2.5
Server Implementation = Firebird/x86-64/Windows NT
Service Version = 2
Firebird Release = 2.5.4 (Build no. 26856)
No. of attachments = 0
No. of databases = 0
Base Location = C:\Firebird_2_5\
Lock File Location = C:\ProgramData\firebird\
Security Database Location = C:\Firebird_2_5\security2.fdb
Message File Location = C:\Firebird_2_5\

First point: why are you using a old version of Firebird? Support was discontinued in 2019. Last version was 2.5.9.

The employee database should be located in examples\empbuild\EMPLOYEE.FDB

I am not sure if Firebird 2.5 automatically created an alias entry for the examples database, so you may have to give the path explicitly ( C:\Firebird_2_5\examples\empbuild\EMPLOYEE.FDB) when opening it.

Better still, why not upgrade to Firebird 3 or Firebird 4.

Version 4 is downloaded since long, -  and I did not install, because I feared the problems every upgrade brings.
Nobody knows, how my existing software will react to such an upgrade.

But you are right, I will upgrade. It is a VM and if it fails I will revert to a snapshot.
Perhaps the demos will work then, if not, I will post again.

Note that you will need to upgrade existing databases too in that case.

Before uninstalling 2.5 do a backup with gbak.
After install of 4.0 do a restore with gbak.

4.x and 3.x won't work with older databases and 2.5 won't work with newer databases.

(That's why I advised in the beginning to first stay with 2.5 because you still had existing DBs and an existing program which needed access to that DB.)

Thank you for letting me know.
Then I will not upgrade. It will take months until my Lazarus software can replace the old code. Until then I have to use the existing database every day.
Once a year I do a rewrite by FlameRobin (which uses gbak). The database itsself is from 2013.


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