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SQLquery - must it be in the same frame as the database?



In my frames I generate queries by topic.
Unfortunately I cannot set them to the database which is defined in my db-modul.

Is it allowed to have a SQLquery to set the database within the properties to a different unit?

Try adding the unitname of your data module to the uses clause of your form. Then save the form and try again.

I don't see why. However, I think the basic rules of frames apply:

i) Set the properties of components when editing the frame.

ii) Do not set the properties of components in a frame from the form editor.

iii) If you need properties with values other than (i) above, do it at runtime after the form (hence the frame or frames it contains) has been fully initialised.


Thank you for the answers.

I have a working solution in my frame now, so it works as such.
A new Query did it.

The specific query refused to "see" the DB.
Nobody knows why, and we never will learn it, because I deleted it.


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