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LazAutoUpdate corrupted Zip File


Laz Version: 2.2.2
Date: 2022-05-15
FPC Version: 3.2.2
Rev: Laz_2_2_2

Trying to get LazAutoUpdate added.

Downloaded and installed both LAUInstallerWindowsSetup.exe and UpdatePackWindowsSetup.exe and both installed OK

Run LazAutoUpdate Universal Installer > Application: LazAutoUpdate Update Pack > Run = Does not exist, Install first. So..chose Install only to get Error: Corrupt ZIP file (C:\lazarus\installed\updates\

Same happens with each of the other 3 options.

The only part that ran successfully was installation and run of the LazAutoUpdater tray application.

I'm Dead In The Water? Have no idea which way to turn nor how to figure out what is wrong. Is it just dumb old me? Any light or words of wisdom would be so much appreciated.


Located and installed LazUpdate (not LazAutoUpdate) from available online packages and now have this feature available under the System tab in Lazarus. Happy with that. Not yet understanding the relationship between IDE LazUpdate and the whole LazAutoUpdate challenge or if I even need to explore this any more.

I am now focusing on learning how to interact with Git before moving forward. Hoping that once I get a handle on Git, all this confusion will be settled.

Time to toss this - just gets frustrating and seems noone is interested in providing any direction. Tired of chasing my butt in a circle.

exactly what you would like to achieve?


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