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[QT5-Windows] Lazarus hints launches a new window on taskbar


Basically gif ^. I'm not sure if I've ever seen this behaviour before. Is this normal?
Using lazarus 2.2.2 fpc 3.2.2 on Win7 64. Packages: dockedform, anchordocking, anchordockingdsgn.

I figured out what's causing this. It happens when lazarus is built with qt5. I could fix the behaviour in OP from Settings > Environment > Form Editor > uncheck Show designer hints.

This must be a bug because what I noticed is that it happens with any hints (tooltips) only using qt5. For example: hovering over any text, component or whatever that shows a hint, makes lazarus "start" a new window in the taskbar with the hint text, while still showing it in a tooltip. Weird.


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