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Robocopy GUI Front-End (Windows Only)

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I've been working a Windows GUI front-end to the Robocopy command-line utility (Windows only).
There is an existing Robocopy GUI front-end which I've used but don't like it for various reasons.
If anyone is interested, you can have a copy for free. Although its reasonably well-tested, it is an early version, and therefore there is a chance of bugs.
Regards, Mark Taylor.

I would appreciate a copy. Where can I find it?

Its almost finished... just polishing the rough edges.  This is my first-ever Windows GUI program, so I've had a lot to learn; although the brilliant Free Pascal & Lazarus made much easier than the nightmare that is C++

In another day or two, when its good enough to give away, I'll make it available on my web page, and let you know.

My web site can't do downloads yet... I'm going to have to add that feature, which will take a while to code.
So I've attached a zip of the source code.

It is suppoed to be very easy to use, but at the same time, allow a power-user to configure it in detail.
There is no installer, just unzip into a folder, and run directly from there. The program uses an ini file, and creates it with default values. The ini file values can be hand-edited, and will be preserved by the program. The program assumes that the Robocopy executable is in the path, but if not, then the full path can be edited into the ini file.

Please give feedback... I welcome criticism/complaints, both of the functionality of the program and the coding style.

regards, Mark Taylor

El Salvador:
Thank you so much. Can you upload source in github or gitlab?


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