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is italian language editor still supported ?

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@wp thanks

I started this topic because, when using Italian language, in one place the "object inspector" is called "ispettore oggetti" and in another place "Analizzatore oggetti".

I was able to find where is "analizzatore oggetti", see below, and for testing purpose I changed appending "-2"

#: lazarusidestrconsts.lismenuviewobjectinspector
msgctxt "lazarusidestrconsts.lismenuviewobjectinspector"
msgid "Object Inspector"
msgstr "Analizzatore oggetti-2"

in the picture the two places with mismmatched name in Italian language.

but I cannot find where is "ispettore oggetti" (as well as the other strings in the object inpsector form like "proprietà", "eventi".. as you can see in attached picture,

Any suggestion ?

All these seem to be strings of the IDE. Open in POEdit, press CTRL+F and search for whatever you want to check. When found change the translation as needed. Save, restart the IDE and make sure that you changed the correct string. Make a backup copy the po file before changing anything.

that is what I did:

1- backup ""
2- renamed the field with "Anlizzzatore oggetti" as "Analizzatore oggetti-2"
3- reload Lazarus IDE
4- all went fine

but I didn't find the string "ispettore oggetti", where does it come from ?

thanks for the support.

I see. If you don't find it among the IDE string constants it could be in the "components" folder, for example in "components/ideintf" which contains the property and component editors, as well as the basic object inspector. Since there is a "languages" folder here too, you might find it in "".

Ok, thanks. I'll check asap.


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