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dBase in Lazarus

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--- Quote from: Zvoni on August 09, 2022, 04:40:26 pm ---
--- Quote from: on August 09, 2022, 04:19:42 pm ---Hi Zvoni, in the past i used dBase in all projects.

SQLite ist a single component without server needed?

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Correct. The only thing you‘d need is the sqlite-library/dll placed in the same folder as your executable

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Not quite correct/complete, since Sqlite can be statically linked too if so required.

Yes, I had done some research about static linking SQLite. Not easy. That requires recompiling the source code to produce static library. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with C.


--- Quote from: on August 09, 2022, 03:46:46 pm ---Hi friends. I'm a beginner. That means, these are my first steps after a pause of 15 years. I would like to use simple databasestructures without client-Serverfunction.
A very good way was to use dBase in an older Delphi 7 version.

Is here a way to work with dbase structures in Lazarus (create database / add / edit / sql...) ?

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I would not recommend to follow the advice of the others to use sqlite. Too much for a beginner in the Lazarus world. Maybe later, when you've succeeded with your first steps.

Use the TDbf component which is installed by default and does not require any third-party libraries. It is NOT a replacement for the BDE (which is not supported by Lazarus), but it can open dbase files, and maybe you can port most of your old Dephi7/DBase projects by using it. There is a wiki tutorial at to get you started.

TDBF use no SQL. As wp said, no replacement for the BDE. If you have used the BDE with SQL, SQlite can be a leightweigth solution. If you want to work across (Windows File)shares , the discussion is more complex.

And client/Server is not the same as SQL. The better Term is Desktop Database vs. Client Server.


TDBF comes with a lot of problems.

What I did a long time ago:

Use TBDF to export the dBase tables to CSV
And then forget dBase forever

Import the CSV data to any SQL db that you like.



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