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dBase in Lazarus

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Finally I found a bug concerning indices on an integer column in TDbf. You can see the details, testprogram and fix here:

The TDbf version coming with FPC is a fork of the sourceforge version to which you sent your patch. If you want it to be included in FPC you must study the issue again with the FPC sources and submit your patch as a bugreport to Gitlab (see sidebar at the left of the forum).


The bug in TDbf concerning the index is  more than 15 years old and still not fixed.

Serious advice: Use TDbf only in readonly mode. And don't try to use it together with the BDE! Dangerous!

Use TDbf to export the data to a CSV file. And then import the data to some kind of SQL base.



The version from sourceforge (trunk) is working with read/write since 8 weeks in our production environment. No major issues, except that ist to slow because of the bug I have fixed now.

The FPC fork has much more issues with indices, it has corrupted my index file regularly. Unfortunately I have not the knowlede and not the time to fix this, although I would like to do that because of the different licence compared to the sourceforge repository. (s.,60100.msg448775.html)

@Winni: As I already stated before, I have to stick with dbase files for the moment. I'm aware of the issues and  I'm willing to fix them as far as it is necessary for my project.


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