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FPCupdeluxe on Pi 400

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No chance. :( Why is FPCupdeluxe offered when it doesn't work? Surely someone tested it on a Pi400 when the Picois one of the one press install buttons? I wasted a over day of my life fiddling with it trying to fix the errors. This is what happened and some of the delay was my fault that just added to the aggravation.
I downloaded FPCupdeluxe for Linux that required permissions changed before it would run then it complained packages were missing that I tried to load but couldn't because I forgot the Pi400 password. At that point I decided I should load the latest Pi400 OS that didn't give a display but I sorted that after more delay. Downloaded the PFCupdeluxe again, changed permissions and it didn't run it does absolutely nothing so had I updated the Pi400 software as suggested in the first place I would have arrived at not working faster. ::)
Luckily I remembered the Pi400 password, installed the missing packages and over the next hour gave lots of errors. I dread to think what awaits if the latest Pi400 software can run FPCupdeluxe.
 On Suse linux after an hour and a half choosing embedded and trunk FPCupdeluxe loaded with no errors but what about the joke on Pi400? I haven't even looked in to the complexity of cross compiling on Suse to Pico which is why I went for the Pi400 in the first place. It is all too complicated for my poor little brain. :(

/What/ error messages? What OS is the device running? What's the difference between a Pi400 and an ordinary Raspberry Pi? What makes you think there's any connection at all between a Pi 400 and a Pico?


I had no problem installing Lazarus with FPCUpdeLuxe on a PI400. But I am running old-stable Buster.

The Pico and FPC have not much to do with a Pi 400, only as cross compiler.

Lazarus works fine on a Pi 4/400 (but be aware it is not the fastest desktop,  even with a SSD as hard disk).

I thought with the Pico & Pi being made by the same company people on the RPi site would be using RPi gear to develop software for Pico on Pi400 but not using Pascal I guess. :(
Any error messages with the old 2021 Pi400 OS are irrelevant since FPCupdeluxe does nothing with the latest Pi software Bullseye issued April 2022 &  instructions say update first. Someone needs to test FPCupdeluxe on the latest Pi software is my point or state it doesn't work on a Pi. I wouldn't know where to start.

If you can give me remote access(VNC, SSH) to this RPi system, I might be able to have a look and give it a try.


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