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NotepadEx application + TWinMemo, TWinMemoScrollbar and other components



This is my first post here, sorry if it's not the right place.

Two months ago i downloaded Lazarus and immediately enjoyed the same feelings as with my good old Delphi5 20 years ago  :). Congrats guys !

I seized the opportunity to write a Notepad clone application with auto-backup and unlimited undo/redo. Then I added a basic dark theme.

For this I had to specialize TMemo, TOpenDialog and TSaveDialog with Windows API. I also built a themed scrollbar component linked to the memo.

I wrote comments & explanations in the source code and created a few components to highlight the key points.

Here is the full source code (Application + Lazarus components) :

Don't hesitate contacting me for any question/help.

Hello Air16,
Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for sharing your work and components.
Unfortunately I am a Linux user, your NotepadEx needs Windows unit.

Yes the main goal was to clone Notepad and use Windows native 'Edit' control (= Lazarus TMemo) so I had to use some Windows-specific code.

Clearly the app & components can be easily extended to Linux (especially the two main features : auto-backup & undo/redo), i'm waiting for WSL2 GUI feature to do it. I'm afraid I'll need Win11 for this, and I plan to upgrade when it is completely stable.


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