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Strange error with arccos()

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I am working on a project that needs to convert between rectangular and polar coordinates. I am sometimes getting an error:

"Project R2P raised exception class 'External: FLT INVALID OPERATION'. If I proceed, the debugger jumps to the assembler instruction window at the instruction 'sqrtsd xmm0, xmm2'.

In the debugger, the error occurs on this FP code:

rx1 := rx * arccos(ry);

where ry is an angular value between -Pi and +Pi radians. The next code line is:

ry1 := rx * arcsin(ry);

which never produces an error.

The intention of this code is, given a vector rx at angle ry, to load rx1 with the X coordinate of the vector and load ry1 with the y coordinate of the vector. I am an electrical engineer by profession, and I use these values to determine the amount of kvars I need to mitigate a poor power factor.


You are trying to take the square root of a negative number.

The algorithym that calculates arccos has a square root in it.

The "principal range" for arccos(y) is 0 <= y <= Pi and for arcsin(y) is -Pi/2 <= y <= Pi/2.



From what you say the input range of ry is invalid for arccos (you said +-pi) Argument for arccos must be |arg|<= 1. I suspect that you are doing something conceptually wrong, argument of arccos should not be an angular value. But please provide some line of code.

The best function to get the polar angle from cartesian coordinates (x, y) is the function arctan2(y, x) because it also finds the correct quadrant for the angle.

Just to complete the answer. Given (R,T) polar coordinate and (X,Y) rectangular coordinate the relationship is
T=ARCTAN2(Y,X)  --> arctan2 handle correctly the sign of X and Y
I hope this can help.


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