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EyeCandy (EC-C) border color on TECTabCtrl



sorry if this question has a very obvious answer, but I haven't managed to solve it on my own.

I'm working on an editor similar to VSCode. I tried to replicate that style of tabs by using a TECTabCtrl. The component did a good job here, but there still is something I can't achieve: changing the colour of the tabs border. I have been able to change height, width, tacActiveRise, etc. to look like the tabs used by VSCode, but if I use a dark background colour, the border still looks grey/white. I would like to create plain solid tabs without a border, exactly as the ones on VSCode, Sublime Text and other editors.

Is this possible with a TECTabCtrl component?

Thank you in advance.

Not sure, I uninstalled it, because of strange things. Somehow it gave me more troubles than joy.

About the topic: What about a cheap cheat? Put your item in the middle of a colored panel.

Well, it could work if I liked to have a light background, but it is not the case.

I finally ended up using TATTabs instead. It seems perfect for my purposes.
It has also some drawbacks but I can deal with them so far.


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