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html and chm help (lcl,fcl) trnaslation in other languages ?


when i search for the lazarus help system with html and the comming chm, i didnt find information about the creating this, for other languages.

It is not clear for me, how to handle this. The study of the structure of the svn and the search inside of the wiki and the docs didnt make it clear.

1st Question:
Should this handled by extension of the xml-files like
English: actnlist.xml
or creating a new 'docs-de' (beside the current 'docs')path ?

i found only, fpdoc should be able to handle some languages by using an comandlineoption.

2nd Question:
Are there more information about this theme available, or a designguide?

It is interesting for me, because i will spend time in documentation (in german for germans) for the project. I see with the LazInfos (in German only) the people want documentation in their native language.


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