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lazarus + GLscene + Newton Dynamics

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ok thks.
for others who can help me, I added the path of GLSceneLCL/source files in the project options/other file units(-Fu).
Now I get GLState.pas Error : compilation raised exception internally
I suspect a problem with the OpenGL version

2 Handoko :
I selected both runtime and designtime packages.
Then I opened GLScene_NGD.lpk and compiled it after changing the requirements according to Marcov and I aded the path in the demo project.

Maybe you should consider Castle Game Engine.

I was so excited when I knew I could use GLScene on Lazarus, but after some tests I was disappointed.

As far as I know GLScene is developed and tested on Delphi. It is matured and runs good on Delphi/Windows. But there is only 1 person who tries to port it to Lazarus, the progress is slow and buggy.

Learn more:,52088.msg383311.html#msg383311

Yes I know.
I am used with Delphi and Glscene for more than 20 y now. The pb it doesn't work with 64bits OS and Newton Dynamics.
I know K00m very well, I suppose you refered to him. With this help I will manage to make it work.

ok I managed to set a demo.
The Newton demos given in GLSceneLCL/Samples/Lazarus/physics do not work.
There are many things to rename in unit1.pas (e.g. some identifiers starting with TNGD instead of TGLNGD) to comply with the header file newtonimport.pas and this file doesn't comply with the Newton.dll supplied in the package (newtonconstraintcreatehinge, setsolvermodel missing in the dll). I got all the infos from k00m's suite OxNewton to build basic demos of GLScene+ Newton Dynamics v3.14 in Lazarus.


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