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Hello friends
Can someone give me the step by step procedure to run the demo NewtonMaterial given as sample with the package GLSceneLCL ?
Currently I am facing the following issue :
when I compile the project I get the msgdlG : "the package GLS_NGD is required but cannot find the file'.
When I open Packages/loaded packages I get :
GLscene_Designtime version 1.0 statically installed, auto-static installation
GLScene_NGD version 0.0 auto-static installation
GLscene_Runtime version 1.0 NOTHING in state field.
Thks in advance

The Project Inspector of your demo has a  "required packages" part.

You could try (after backup) to remove the GLS_NGD requirement and replace it with a GLScene_NGD requirement.

(Note that the crucial part of having a requirement is about adding unit paths, so you can't just remove all requirements)

thk you very much.
This was able to remove the error msg.
Now I get 'identifier not found : TNGDSurfaceitem' which is used in the main unit.

Then it gets glscene (versioning?) specific, and I'm afraid I don't know much about that :-)


How did you instal GLScene? Have you tried to install it using Online Package Manager?

Lazarus main menu > Package > Online Package Manager


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