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Preamble: muddling along with Laz.Ultibo under Ubuntu[1] under a VM on the Mac.  Due to VMWare's bizarre window settings cannot use "fullscreen" w/o losing my second monitor.  I digress.

Some time ago I tried fpcdeluxe to no avail to install Ultibo-Laz/FPC on my Mac.  Just DL'd a fresh v. from GitHub (May 2022 v. of fpcdeluxe for x86/Cocoa) and get errors such as:

Same issues: ("Access violation. Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption").

And the Ultibo "target" is paled out implying it's not even available....

Any insights?

Is there a general guide to converting a Linux install script to a Mac OS install script?

[1] Yech!

Maybe you should set a message with a link to the main fpupdeluxe thread, i did not know, if Alfred (the maker of fpcupdeluxe) find fpcupdeluxe topics beside the main thread.

Thanks.  Didn't realize there was a fpcdeleuxe sub.


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