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All my fonts are baby pink! - why that?

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I seem to have changed the wrong field.
If I add anything to my form (button, edit line, memo,....) the fonts are bright baby-pink on white = nearly invisible.

I checked the font-color on my TForm, it is default.

Where can I find the baby?

If I start a new project the controls have black color what is default and wanted.
So the baby must hide away in any of the project's parents.
I thought Form1, but cannot find it there.

Where else can I look?

Somebody did a prank on you?


--- Quote from: Nicole on July 30, 2022, 10:48:32 am ---I thought Form1, but cannot find it there.

--- End quote ---
it should be Color or Font.Color.

If you're using version control, it's the proper tool to figure out what has changed to cause the problem


--- Quote from: Nicole on July 30, 2022, 10:48:32 am ---I seem to have changed the wrong field.

--- End quote ---

If I might make a general comment based on the problem you were having with identifying the sender of an event: it's not necessarily the wrong field that you've changed (i.e. something identified by a specific name), but instead is a field in an unexpected object because you're not allowing for inheritance.

However in the current case it sounds like you might have a wild pointer or something similar, I think that by now you've probably found anywhere that you're using "baby pink" as a colour and anywhere that you're referring to Color, ParentColor and so on.


Hi Nicole,

can you clarify is this the form at design time, or runtime.

if its design time search for the font name in the lfm file, (BACKUP BACKUP!), you can do a find replace if you find it, then save the lfm, and re-open project.

if its runtime, 1) again  (BACKUP BACKUP!) search font name in your form.pas file and check why and what property your changing. 2) make sure your havent changed your system default font/color as controls using font as default, and parentfont etc to true iterating to form parent font.. hope the last bit makes sense.

just some ideas


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