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fpPDF Overwriting Color Constants?


Hello all,

I have an app that changes a TLabel's font color to clBlue. After including fpPDF to the "uses", that text is now appearing red. See attached images for before and after. Is this a bug that I should perhaps report?

On a semi-related note, what I'm trying to do is simply export some information on the form (texts from some TEdits, text from a TMemo, and picture from TImage) into a .pdf. I've come across quite a few options but none with great documentation. fpPDF seemed the most promising so far but this weird little thing is a bit of a bummer. If someone can point me in the direction of some better options (hopefully with some good documentation and examples) I would be appreciative.

Not sure, if this has anything to do with it:,60121.0.html

My font-colors of added component suddenly have a color, different of black.
The color is one of my used colors, but I definitely never would use them for fonts.
So how do it get into fonts? - no idea.

I checked all of it: Form1, Frame, PageControl, Parents..... I cannot find, where this pink comes on my fonts.
I can change the Font Color by hand back to clDefault (=black), what I do for every component I add: Buttons, edits, RichEdit...


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