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My little drawing app


Hi, did not know where to post this so I put it here. anyway, I made a little painting app and wanted to share the source that may help others that want to make a little drawing app. it very basic but has the basic drawing tool the code is also easy to understand. anyway, I put it on Github with the source I hope to add it to my website when I get around to finishing it off.

Anyway let me know what you think of my first version.

Hello! It looks very nice.  :)

Here the Colors group box isn't displayed correctly. See screenshot.

Looks cool. Nice looking interace  :)

But, My advice would be a check and re-check for memory leaks. I see a number of un-handled exceptions, and at least one place where you create a TBitmap that isn't free'ed.

The code could be greatly improved though modularization.

Please don't get offended, but the code is not a good example of "good" Object Pascal coding. It maybe OK code for managed systems like C# and Java.

Just my opinion. Doesn't mean anything.

Hi glad you like my app thanks derek.john.evans I will look into ironing out the bugs and improving my code, Think I may invest in a Lazarus book to help me improve things.

Roland57 I am not sure what is wrong with the group box I am on a Windows 11 system and it seems to resize ok so I am not sure I try looking again for the next version.


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