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--- Quote from: ChristianH on July 27, 2022, 10:12:24 pm ---The res file just has a png in it and a small text file which is based on a very simple format:

AnimationTitle=Frames comma separated

The Width and Height of the Agent is fixed at the moment.

It was really just a proof of concept to explain some values in an application and point the user to the specification used for the calculation. Something like: This value here (clippy appears and points to it) is the result based on the following spec mentioned under section x.
I still like the idea of virtual agents, even if this whole office agent system horribly failed in office. Imho Microsoft's implementation fooled and offended the most users, but not because it was there it was just the content offered as help.

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it is good idea to have some animated interaction in the software it kill the boring , where did you get all these png ? and can you explain the text file , i am will to learn how to make another character

Remy Lebeau:

--- Quote from: alaa123456789 on July 29, 2022, 06:00:48 pm ---where did you get all these png ?

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It looks like pre-existing MSAgent v2 .acs character files have been decompiled, and had their individual animation BMP images extracted and concatenated together into a single PNG, and their animation WAV audio clips extracted and converted into JS embedded data:audio/mpeg and data:audio/ogg links.


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