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[SOLVED] Lazarus is not saving my code editor tab layout

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Ahhh.... ok yes I think I was misunderstanding File Close and Project Close.  I'm fresh from Delphi 7, so having separate sets of Open/Save dialogs in both the File and the Project menu is a little confusing, but I think I can adapt.

However, I am still having a problem:

If I simply File > Quit Lazarus while my project (we'll call it "widgets.lpi") and all its tabs are open, then restart Lazarus, it always starts with an empty "project1" instead of the widgets.lpi project that was active when I closed it.

Is this normal behavior?  Do I need to be opening my project manually each time when starting Lazarus?

In menu "Tools" > "Options" > "Environment" > "General" (in Laz 2.0.12 or earlier), or "IDE Startup" (in Laz 2.2.+) you find a checkbox "Open last project and packages at start" which is responsible for this behaviour. It should be checked by default, but maybe you had turned it off at some time.

Thank you!  It looks like it's in Environment > Files in 2.0.12, and you're correct, it was off for some reason.  I don't remember ever unselecting it.

It's fixed!

Also appreciate the responses.  I can't believe I got this much help in 5 hours.  That definitely motivates me to keep working with Lazarus.


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