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Can someone help a noob?

I've new to freebsd and I've installed FreePascal on it.  No offense but the ide is unusable, it ignores the mouse and strange characters show up on the display.  (Of course it might be that I haven't configured it properly for KDE.)

The pics of the Lazarus Ide look GREAT and I can't wait to try it!  What do I need to download and how do I install it?

Also - I compiled a cgi Hello, world app in freebsd and it's almost 80k.  The same app compiled using FreePascal under Bloodshed'd ide in Win98 is 17k.  Any thoughts?  I compiled it w/o debug info on both platforms.

Please forgive my ignorance, I'm trying to kiss the evil empire goodbye after 20 years.  Everything is new and strange.

I managed to dowload Lazarus via cvs.  It appears that I need to compile it.  Do I just type 'make' while in the directory?  I downloaded it to /usr/local/bin/lazarus, I hope that's an appropriate place to put it.

Place it where you like, however something like .../src/... seems more logic :-)

Issuing make should do the trick, the the FAQ section for more details

Following the instructions in the faq I ran make while in the lazarus directory and got these error messages:

makefile line 10 needs an operator
makefile line 12 needs an operator
unknown modifier '/'           <- quite a few times
error expanding embedded variable

Any help would sure be appreciated.

Thanks for responding Marc.  /usr/scr it is.   :)

I moved the files to scr and ran make again and doh, apparently I left a few lines out the errors list.

makefile line 7: missing dependancy operator
unknown modifier ','
unknown modifier ','
makefile line 10: need an operator
makefile line 12: need an operator
unknown modifier '/' <- many times
error expanding embedded variable


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