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About the medical problem of white on Lazarus Win (quite Dark Mode)

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I'm not here to ask about a Dark Mode, but to ask you guys, attention to a real problem that affects a lot of people, some in a medical way, others are just the extensive time exposure to the White and bright color.

I know that Win32/Win64 can't deal with dark for now (there's a new Microsoft project going on this).

The white color can hurt (for real) most people's eyes in dark places or after many hours on the computer.
So, that's why I'll ask our "I personally don't like this guy" to go help someone in another thread.

The idea is quite simple:

The object inspector has a configuration of color it didn't offend anyone!
Did the IDE Options > Object Inspector > Colors offend you?

For the Lazarus default components, as I see, all of them have property color.
Only the Page/Tab components didn't have color but can use with a Shape component to paint his background.

Again: I'm not asking for a true dark mode, but only the ability to change it for something less aggressive as white color.

Before comment, please, see the image related!

Ps: Here is my personal set of colors from code editor in xml.

Tested your color scheme on my WinXP Win7, that looks good:


--- Quote from: Handoko on July 18, 2022, 11:48:14 am ---Looks good

--- End quote ---

I'm glad you liked!

--- Quote from: Handoko on July 18, 2022, 11:48:14 am ---Tested on my WinXP

--- End quote ---

Wait a sec are u trying to cheat me?
This is Win7 with a classic and comfortable theme.  :P

Oops, my mistake. I own a license copy of WinXP. I purchased and installed in my VirtualBox for testing software. But recently I installed a Windows 7 too. I mistakenly started that Win7 for testing the color scheme.

Anyway, I would recommend to set the background colors for highlighting strings and numbers. That's very useful especially when debugging very long code.

Thank you for your posting.
This would be so great!

My doctor advised me not to use "dark mode", but just to avoid this "white".
So a soft orange or smooth pink as background would be nice.

I tried to change the colors, but ended up with a mess.
So an option to click on for changing all would be great.

Instead of a dark mode a "soft-mode" would be quite more interesting to me.
Not "black on white", but "black on very bright orange".

Why I prefer the latter is, that the time to focus anything is shorter.
The moment, I have to try harder to read something, my eyes grew tired as well.


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